Back In The Saddle Again

Life gets crazy. Really crazy. People don’t lie when they say “when it rains it pours”. Boy has it been pouring down hard these last few months. Not necessarily bad things as you might suspect! Mostly good things actually! Here is the run down….


My son turned one at the end of May. Holy Moly was that a big change! I don’t have a baby anymore! What is this life? (No I am not ready to try for another one yet, I can hear your curious mind working!) He has always been a very adventurous little boy and very active at that. As soon as he started to walk at ten months I knew I was in for it but I had no idea how much so. Let me just say, I thought I was exhausted when he was newborn! BUT, he is becoming who is meant to become. He is expressing himself in ways other than the typical goo-goo ga-ga. He knows what he wants and he knows how to fight for it too! It’s all just blowing my mind, but it is the most fun I have ever had.


My husband and I purchased our very first home in June! (Revert back to a previous post, I knew we could do it!)  It was nerve racking going through the escrow process! I know everyone says that, but I never knew how stressful it really is. Luckily we closed early and got things wrapped up faster than we originally expected. Yay! We have moved slightly away from our comfort zones to a city we were unfamiliar with. But it has been incredible. The area is great, our neighbors are sweet and have young kids for Emmett to play with. Everything is conveniently located and at an arms reach. And most importantly it’s ours. Of course, there have been a few of those “Oh my god, what did we do?” moments, but nothing a glass of wine couldn’t cure. I truly feel like it was meant to be that we lived here at this time in our lives.



About two weeks after moving in I received one of those calls you never want to receive. I won’t go into too much depth on this one as to protect the privacy of his loved ones, but the world lost an amazing soul last month. One of those people that makes you smile when you’re around them. Someone who had so much love in his heart for his family and friends that you could see it on his face and hear it in his words. Those were a dark few weeks. May we see him again one day somewhere over the rainbow.



My brother and his high school sweetheart got married last month as well. It was a very well planned day and it turned out beautiful. It is crazy that we all have our own timelines in this life, one person may be just entering into the covenant of marriage where others are celebrating 40 years together. Weddings always seem to get me all choked up, amongst the many other things, because they mean so much. This might strike a cord for those who may not believe in marriage, I respect your take on this subject too. I don’t know, something about watching two people vow their lives to one another for the rest of their lives is just so poetic and sweet.


So I have been a little busy the last few months. I have a lot in store for this blog and hope to be sharing some new fun stuff very soon. Thank you always for taking the time to read this, and you will be seeing me soon!