The Stigma

Remeber back in the day, before social media, when there wasn’t someone constantly telling you what you’re doing wrong? Yeah I know, it was a really long time ago. When you first become a mom this is what is to be expected: Will you have a natural birth? Will you breastfeed? Will you go back to work? Will you lose the weight? Are you ready for another one? Holy moly people! Not only is this overwhelming but the stigma behind each and every decision you make is crazy.

When I was a child, we were thrown outside from sun up to sun down, lived off goldfish and top ramen, and not until I was an adult had I ever witnessed a mother breastfeeding. I am grateful we live in a world with such a plethora of information. Trust me, the nine months I was pregnant I spent many hours reading and watching YouTube videos. Like hundreds of videos. By the time I gave birth, I knew exactly what my plan of action was. Things came up and we adjusted how we saw fit for our family. But the questions never stopped. I just found myself yesterday having to validate my reasonings for weaning my son at 8 months old. This shouldn’t be happening!

What I want the world to know is this, the last thing a new mother (or any mother!) needs is the stigma. We already feel like we are failing no matter what we do! This is the business of being a mom. Of course we know we are doing our best, we have learned how to truly trust our instincts and that makes us proud! Motherhood is a journey and it should be embraced and cared for in the same way you would this tiny little baby. Let’s end the mommy stigma and enjoy the miracle of giving life! Next time you see a new mom, hug her, help her, or just sit back and listen to her. Mothers need what babies need, love.


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