I am an avid lover of lists. I love writing them, I love crossing things off of them, and I love feeling efficient. I started using a planner about 10 years ago and have never been able to live without one since. I don’t enjoy using my smart phone for these kinds of tasks. I like to WRITE things down. This is how I get ready for the new year.

Writing down my goals does two things for me. It helps me remember that I need to do something because in all honesty if I don’t write it down it does not exist. I will not be there, I will not buy it, I will not bring to fruition this thing that I really need to get done. It also helps me focus. When I can look down and see exactly how my day, week, month, and year are laid out I can determine exactly where I need to go and what I need to do to get there. This stands true for my personal life and my business.

I like to break my goals down. I feel a lot less anxious or intimidated about certain goals when they can be broken down into smaller, more attainable goals. Then I take them one at a time. For example, if I wanted to lose 20 pounds this year, I break it down like this: I divide 20 by 4. That tells me where I need to be in 3 months (-5 pounds). Then I divide that by 12 and that will tell me what my goal is for each week (that’s not even half a pound a week! Pshsh! I got this!). This really helps me stay focussed and motivated. I’ve done this same formula for saving money, planning trips, achieving goals in my business etc.

I enjoy making it look pretty. I fancy a good set of markers and I enjoy color coding my lists! It ensures that my attention will be focussed on these tasks and also that I will have something pretty to look at. I color code in my planner as well, blue for things my husband has going on, green for my son, and red for myself.

Target is epic when it comes to getting organized and making it pretty at the same time. The dollar section has everything you could ever need: note pads, binders, file folders, washy tape, markers, cute pens, sticky notes etc. It is like a list makers paradise!

Not only does writing down goals, grocery lists, to do lists, blog ideas, business strategies, meal plans, and day to day events help keep me focused, but nothing feels greater than crossing things off of them once I’ve acheived them! And when I say nothing, I truly mean not much comes close to this feeling for me. That may be kind of sad to someone else but, for me, it makes me feel productive. And that’s important to me now that I am a wife and mother and business owner. The constant feeling of moving forward makes me thrive.

I encourage anyone who is going into this new year with a sense of disconnect or a feeling of vagueness about where you want this year to take you to sit down and think about it. Write down some things you want to accomplish. Implement some strategies on how you would like to achieve them. You would be surprised how a simple to do list can kick your butt in gear! Happy New Year!


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