The Day Trip

imageIt’s 6:48am…I’m usually up before this but baby E is still asleep and I can’t shut my mind off so I lay here typing. My life is chaos, utter chaos. The amazingly beautiful kind. I am so new to all of this, and yet, feel as though I have been doing it forever. The joy and demands of being a first time mom, trying endlessly to be a good partner to my husband, work endeavors, but what about me? I had dreams, vibrant ones! I still have so much I want to fulfill in this life. There’s so much they don’t prepare you for as a child when it comes to this thing they now call “adulting”. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, here comes a cheesy New Years resolution that she will never keep”. Not today. I do have goals, aspirations, things I want for my family. But what I want to be first is ME. Raw and real and speak my truth. Lately every day feels like a trip somewhere I’ve never been, it’s incredible the things life teaches us. It’s humbling for me to share intimate moments of my life with whomever will read them, you are still reading right?? This sounds so serious, as you will come to see I am rarely serious. Let’s see where this day trip takes me today!


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